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We are proud to offer programming for both students and educators in the classroom setting. Mindfulness has been shown to increase attention, reduce student stress, improve emotional regulation and in turn improve students’ health and ability to learn.

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Incorporating mindfulness into the classroom, teachers can help their classrooms be calmer and more caring which contributes to a more effective learning environment.


Mindful Student Series

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Social Emotional Learning brought to you

MHA utilizes an evidence-based curriculum developed and used by Growing Minds. The Growing Minds curriculum lessons fall into four different categories, each relevant to concepts within the classroom. The first category discusses focus and attention. Students will participate in activities that will help them to train their attention, focus during distractions, and notice their surroundings. The second category targets self-awareness and self-regulation. Lessons focus on the five senses, being in the present moment, and pausing to make more thoughtful choices. The third category addresses thoughts and emotions. Students will learn that they have thoughts and emotions all the time and will learn to generate more kind thoughts and compassion for themselves. The fourth category discusses social skills and relationships. Students will discuss kindness, generosity, gratitude, and compassion in order to increase insight into others and create a stronger classroom and school community. WE CURRENTLY HAVE A WAITLIST FOR THE FULL PROGRAM. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE ABOUT TIMELINE OF FUTURE PROGRAMMING.  PLEASE CLICK BELOW FOR LINKS TO MINDFULNESS TOOLS FOR YOUTH AND EDUCATORS ON OUR BACK TO SCHOOL PAGES

Mindful Educator Series

Mindfulness Educator Series

Our Mindful Educator Series utilizes the best in evidence-based education, resources, and practices to help teachers develop their own mindfulness practice as well as then teach it to their students. A Mindful Day, written by the MHA mindfulness staff included in the 8 hour series provides a detailed example of how to integrate the practices throughout the school day in the most effective and efficient way.

What students and teachers are saying…

Check out these highlights from the MHA Mindful Classroom Initiative program. 

Interested in our mindfulness for youth programming?

If you are interested in mindfulness for youth opportunities, please please visit our Back to School pages. If you are interested in the MINDFUL EDUCATOR SERIES please fill out the interest form linked above.